Voice Search

Voice Search enables you to search the web using your voice 🗣️, simply by clicking on the extension icon.

Live demo

Some features of this extension may not work in this demo due to inability to access the relevant Chrome Extension APIs / UIs from a page context.

Microphone permission is required for the demo, clicking the ⓞ button would trigger permission request.

The demo on the left can give you an idea of what to expect when you install the extension.

In actual use, this UI would open as a popup when the extension icon is clicked.

You can speak your search in any of the 300+ locales supported by the Chrome STT engine.


Voice is Faster

“You can speak 110-150 words per min, as opposed to avg person's typing 38-40 wpm” - @purnavirji


More ergnonomic

“Repetitive motions like typing… that you do over and over can bring about carpal tunnel syndome” - WebMd.


Natural & Expressive

Voice queries are longer and return more featured snippets than typed queries - Google Search.


Highly accessible

Using a keyboard with an unfamiliar layout/type? Not literate in English? Get onboard!


Popular search engines

You can choose from Google to Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia.


Over 300 locales supported

For each language, you can choose a country-specific dialect for high-accuracy recognition.


State of the art AI

Automatically detects an ignores music, noise. Detects active mic and when you stop speaking.

All extensions are open-source, free, offline-first, privacy friendly and internationalized to all 50 supported browser locales

When compared to typing, voice search is 3x faster, more ergonomic and the queries are more natural and expressive. This extension enables you to click once on a browser icon and perform a search with your voice.

This voice search extension is part of my effort to bring voice forward experiences to the browser. I think the main reason typing is more popular than speaking is because the keyboard preceded the microphone, and it took long for speech-to-text software to reach the point of understanding accents. It’s about time we reversed the statistic!

When compared to typing, voice is:

  • 🏃‍♀️ Faster: Like 3X faster than typing.
  • 🍹 Easier: You can dictate notes while pacing, eating, driving.
  • 👶 Natural: Voice queries are more expressive, leading to more featured snippets in search results.
  • ♿ Accessible: Everyone can speak, 2yr olds, tired grannies, illitrates, name it.

My goal is to make it voice interaction as ubiquitous as typing… on the web. There are two parts to it

👥 Helping end-users discover and use voice input. 🏢 Working with publishers to make their content more accessible through voice.

Frequently asked questions

It does not.

On some OS (windows precisely), the recognition engine uses the system default microphone.