Translate your Chrome and Firefox extension to the 52 supported locales automatically, for free.

17.9% Percentage of internet users who are fluent in English. For context, English is the most popular language in the world followed by Chinese at 14.3%. This highlights the importance of i18n to reaching a global audience.

12.3% Percentage of chrome extensions that are available in more than one language, based on data from This underscores the difficulty of internationalizing a browser extension

1. Upload Extension

The zip file should include a manifest.json file in its root directory. The manifest file should set the default_locale field.


2. Translate

Translate extension to all the 52 supported languages on the Chrome Webstore by selecting target locales.

3. Download

Click download to save your translated extension.

This tool works for all addons that follow the WebExtensions spec, including Chrome extensions, Firefox addons, Edge addons and Opera addons.

For information on how to internationalize your extension, see the Chrome i18n documentation.