Smart Emoji Keyboard

Invoke an AI-powered emoji keyboard by typing ":" in any input

Emoji has become the 🆕 medium of shorthand expression. Trying to describe 🤯 or 😭 with words is now old school. Emojis embody the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Want to look 😎 online? You definitely need to replace “hot” with 🔥 or 💣 or 💥.

The problem is that today’s Qwerty keyboards do not have emoji characters. This is not an issue if you have a digital keyboard, like the ones on phones, all of them support emojis. However, if you find yourself on a desktop/laptop, using emojis is work! And we’d like to fix that!

The way the extension works is simple, type the character “:” to invoke emoji search box. For example, to insert 😜, type “:wink” and click on 😜 in the emoji search results box.

Alternatively, press Ctrl+E to invoke the emoji search box. Clicking on an emoji would copy it to the clipboard, so you can use the emoji by pasting or Ctrl+V. For macOs users, replace Ctrl with Cmd.

Back to why you should use emojis… With emojis you can communicate intensity effortlessly. Like “haha” => 😃, “hahaha” => 😄, which grows to 😆 and evolves to 😂 and by the time it reaches 🤣, you’re typing “hahahahahahahahahahaha I’m dead! Enough internet for today!”.

As if that wasn’t enough, emojis support different skin tones. This allows people to express their identity and also nuance. For example, 🎅🏿 helps drive home the point that Santa can be black. That argument is much harder if one must use 🎅🏻.