Floating Scientific Calculator

A floating scientific calculator anywhere you need it

Live demo

Some features of this extension may not work in this demo due to inability to access the relevant Chrome Extension APIs / UIs from a page context.


Float it! Drag it! Resize it!

Move and squeeze this calculator into any corner of the page for convenient access.


Basic and Advanced Calculations

Perform all calculations, from simple to complex, with ease and accuracy..


History Log

Keep track of your calculations and reuse them with one click.


Open as popup window

Open the calculator in a standalone popup window or new tab when page-insertion is not possible.


Unit conversions

Perform simple conversion on time, weight, distance etc by typing it, as in 100lbs to kg.

All extensions are open-source, free, offline-first, privacy friendly and internationalized to all 50 supported browser locales

Perform calculations right on top of your browser window without switching between tabs or apps or leaving your current page. Features a history log track of your calculations for future reference.

Frequently asked questions

Yes it should, though I have not verified.

Check that the right angle mode is set, either Degrees or Radians.